Benny Sits Up for Animal Rights at Debate

Even though Manx Party vice-presidential catidate Benny couldn’t physically stand as tall as the two humans, nevertheless the little, furry, black contender stood up for the rights of animals at Thursday night’s debate.

Decrying the lack of concern for the rights of animals, Benny especially tore into Pawlin’s record of supporting airplane hunts, and her carelessness towards the creatures that inhabit Alaska.

“Pawlin is good with the sound bites, but her regard for our noble beast friends is almost non-existent”, said a spokesperson for the Douglas-Benny catpaign.

After the debate, Democat Senator Bitin said he shares Benny’s feelings, and will work to restore animal rights if he becomes vice-president.


4 Responses to Benny Sits Up for Animal Rights at Debate

  1. wildreiki says:

    Go Benny! I’m going to list your campaign on my site, it is time the animals had better representation in office.

  2. Becky (owner of Douglas) says:

    Thank you, Wildreiki! Vote Manx! Put a Black Cat in the White House!

  3. Ewan says:

    I just wrote an article on animal rights

    love to hear your views

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