Douglas-Benny: “Pause for Paws”

Repub-lick-can Sarah Pawlin is an advocate of hunting animals from an airplane.  Today, the Douglas-Benny Manx Party ticket launches “Pause for Paws”. Take a moment out of your day to think about the barbaric, inhumane practice of shooting defenseless wolves and other creatures from the air, for sport. Support Douglas for President, and Benny for Vice-President. Together, they will put an end to the cruelty.


3 Responses to Douglas-Benny: “Pause for Paws”

  1. Becky (owner of Douglas) says:

    How’s it going, eh?

  2. wildreiki says:

    From my perspective this presidential election comes down to what we visualize the future of our world to be. The Bush administration did more to trash the environment and the animals that we should be protecting and living in harmony with than any administration in recent history, and it is frightening to see even one of the presidential candidates following in those footsteps. I am doing everything I can on my website to help support a better future for all of us, best wishes to you all, Douglas, Benny, and Becky, keep up the good work!—Rose

  3. Becky (owner of Douglas) says:

    Thank you, Rose, from Douglas and his owner. Help us put a Black Cat in the White House!

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