Benny has a beef with Taste


Vice-Presidential catidate Benny greeted hungry voters during a catpaign appearance at the annual Taste of Chicago over the 4th of July weekend.

Through a spokeshuman, Benny said that he “knows Americans were hungry for change, but that they are also just plain hungry! So—where’s the beef?!”

Quickly, Benny and his entourage vanished into the crowds. But soon thereafter he could be found sampling taste portions at the Ricobenny’s and Buona Beef booths.

Benny also announced that, as president, Douglas would call upon the festival organizers to dedicate two days at the end of the festival for cats and dogs only.

“There is much food that is leftover after the Taste, and we know how much our felines and canines love leftovers—especially when it’s people food!”


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