Benny Again Manxhandled by McCairn


LOS GATOS, Calif.: Repub-lick-can John McCairn Terrier on Tuesday marched on stage where Manx VP catidate Benny was making a scheduled appearance.

Before Douglas-Benny supporters, McCairn interrupted the rally by grabbing Benny, lifting him up with both arms, and commandeering the microphone.

“My friends”, McCairn began, over loud boos from the audience, “our economy is on its back right now, just like my opponent here in this race. But now is no time to turn-tail and run away from the Repub-lick-can party to a party of animals.”

Manx security quickly apprehended McCairn, who was escorted off the stage and into his bus, which hurriedly pulled away. Benny was whisked to safety. The catpaign responded by deploring the actions of McCairn, and vowing to not tolerate any more interruptions by McCairn or his staff.


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