Philly Feast with Benny!


Manx VP catidate Benny came to the City of Brotherly Love on a lovely March Wednesday, treating local Philadelphians to a real Philly Feast.

Supporters began gathering early across the street from historic Independence Hall at Philadelphia’s famed diner Benny’s Place. Arriving exactly on time at 1 p.m. to cheering crowds, the vice-presidential hopeful strode to the microphone. Benny’s trademarked “Hell-ohhh-ohhhh!” was met by a loud, standing ovation.

The hungry little Manx then sauntered into the diner, jumping up onto a seat at the counter. More cheers rang out when a catpaign spokesperson announced “Breakfast is on Benny today!”.

The restaurant, wall-to-wall with customers and the press, became a beehive of activity over the next half-hour, as platters of omelettes, pancakes, and waffles were quickly whisked from kitchen to table, to the delight of the patrons. Glasses were clinked and toasts to “Douglas and Benny in 2008!” were made.

For his part, Benny scanned the menu and decided to order the Meat Burrito —with bacon, sausage, AND ham— plus a “Benny’s Combo”, which included sausage, eggs and pancakes.

Despite the noisy diner, the feline Benny began to doze off after his feast, as the breakfast crowds began to disperse. Awakened by staff, Benny then posed outside the restaurant for some publicity photos, donning a pair of Ben Franklin glasses and a Benny’s Place chef’s hat.

It was an exciting time in Philadelphia. “We’re celebrating freedom here in Philadelphia today”, said the catpaign statement, ”and what better way to celebrate than to have our breakfast at Benny’s Place, across the street from that other, more famous “Benny’s Place”, and to have the freedom of choice that Philadelphia’s Benny’s Place extensive breakfast menu offers to us!”


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