Barack Obamanx: I Won’t Bully Benny


Demo-catic Presidential candidate Barack Obamanx spoke out today on the recent unpleasantness between Repub-lick-can John McCairn Terrier and Benny.

“My fellow Americans, and their pets, you see before you an example of the audacity of hope. He started from nothing – in fact, he was even homeless once – and now, Benny is running for Vice President. He didn’t let the lack of a tail get him down. Unlike Mr. McCairn, and unlike what my Demo-catic opponent probably would do, I promise you: I won’t bully Benny!”

The friendly Benny issued a response through his spokesperson: “Thank you, Mr. Obamanx. Together, we hope to put a Black Cat in the White House. Yes, we eat out of cans!”


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