Benny Mocked by McCairn

McCairn Terrier, with inset of Benny photo

Aboard his campaign jet, Repub-lick-can presidential candidate Sen. John McCairn Terrier (R-AZ), openly mocked Manx Party VP catidate Benny in front of reporters.

Gesturing with both arms, McCairn, referring to a recently published photo of Benny, said “Does America really want the leader of the free world to be sitting in the Oval Office like this all day? I don’t think so.”

The developing dispute between the two catpaigns started when Benny, at a rally in San Antonio last week, was rudely interrupted and pushed aside by McCairn. Later, an angry, ears-back Douglas rebutted McCairn, declaring, thru a spokesperson, “One hundred years in Iraq equals nine lives”.

The Douglas-Benny catpaign plans to issue a statement addressing McCairn’s latest remarks some time today or tomorrow.


One Response to Benny Mocked by McCairn

  1. beckypoc says:

    I’d rather have Benny sitting in the Oval Office than McCairn!

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