Benny Pushed Aside in San Antonio


San Antonio, Texas: During Sunday’s Douglas-Benny rally, Repub-lick-can presidential hopeful John McCairn Terrier interrupted the appearance by Manx Party VP catidate Benny.

McCairn, attempting to push Benny aside, proceeded to declare to the gathered crowd that a vote for Douglas and Benny in the November election is a vote “thrown-up and thrown-away”.

McCairn also claimed that the U.S. Constitution makes “no provision for felines” (let alone any non-humans) to run for national office, although going on to say that Benny is well-qualified to run for Chicago alderman.

A security guard gently broke-up the confrontation between McCairn and Benny, but the rally had to be curtailed.

The Douglas-Benny catpaign has issued a statement about Sunday’s incident, saying, in part, “We strongly object to the McCairn campaign’s attempt to claw their way into Benny’s spotlight. If they continue to disturb Douglas and Benny, they will have themselves a real cat fight.”


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