Douglas and Beignet Win in Louisiana

Benny-Douglas supporters
Above: Douglas-Benny supporters gathered in trees above  Cafe DuMonde, New Orleans.

The good times rolled in Louisiana as the Douglas-Beignet ticket swept the Manx Party caucuses Saturday.

“My owner loves to visit New Orleans. We must never again allow this wonderful city to be threatened by flooding, and a Manx Party administration will do all we can to protect it,” a Douglas spokesperson read. “Just as importantly, we must never again allow pets to be separated from their owners in times of evacuation. While the owners Live, pets cannot be left to Let Die.” Douglas then took off down Bourbon Street with a go-cup of a Fuzzy Marshmallow from Pat O’Brien’s.

Douglas’ running mate Beignet met supporters at Cafe DuMonde, where they threw powdered sugar at him.


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