Douglas and Benny Meet Disney Fans at Marshmallow Marsh

Marshmallow Marsh Rally!

Marshmallow Marsh Rally!
Above: Campaign supporters of all stripes hold their marshmallows high for the Douglas-Benny 2008 Marshmallow Marsh Rally at Walt Disney World’s Wilderness Resort; Douglas is fired-up and ready to go!

Everybody wanted to be a cat at Walt Disney World this evening. Manx Party supporters met at Fort Wilderness and sailed on the Mike Fink Keelboats to Marshmallow Marsh, where they shared marshmallows with Douglas and watched “That Darn Cat” with Benny.

Quotes from attendees included:

“Douglas is pretty good, sure as you’re born.”

“It’s time to be turnin’ this country around.”

“Looks like the Repub-lick-cans and the Demo-cats are causin’ a bit of a commotion upstream. Vote Manx!”

“Do not pull down on the marshmallows, please, Douglas will lower them for you.”

“Now Douglas will raise the standard of living in this country, and Benny will follow you home.”

“Simba One! I’ve spotted the next President of the United States. He’s at Marshmallow Marsh.”

“It’s tough to be a Manx.”

“Por favor, mantenganse alejado de los gatos.”

“I’ve seen the backside of Benny.”

“Yo ho, yo ho, a cat’s life for me!”

“Some imagination, huh?”

“Everyone’s Picking Cats On Tuesday.”


As the night ended, everyone sang around the campfire:

“There’s no great big beautiful tail, shining at the end of every Manx

But there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, vote for Douglas and you will give thanks,

Manx has a dream, and that’s a start, they follow their dreams with mind and heart
And when it becomes a reality, it’s a dream come true for your kitty

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, vote for the Manx Party on Tuesday!”


The Florida primary is set for Tuesday, January 29. Douglas and Benny head to the East and West Coasts next week to drum up support for Super Duper Tuesday.


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