Douglas in Miami: All Cats Should Live In Freedom

Douglas visits Miami

Above: a huge crowd of Havana Brown cats gathers in front of Miami’s Freedom Tower to hear Manx Party candidate Douglas “speak”

Douglas visited Miami today and shared plantains and flan with local Havana Brown and Havanese community leaders.

“A Douglas-Benny administration believes all cats and their owners should live in freedom,” read a prepared statement. “We will do all we can to help the Havana Browns and Havanese adjust to the post-Catstro administration we believe is coming soon. We will ensure that all pets have enough food, water, toys, and veterinary care following the eventual putting-to-sleep of Fido and Mrrooouwwll Catstro, and I look forward to my owner visiting Havana someday.”

“I am endorsing Douglas for president,” said Havana Brown leader Dame Mas Malvaviscos, and Havanese leaders promised not to chase him.

Following his visit to Miami, Douglas traveled to Orlando to prepare for this weekend’s Marshmallow Marsh excursions.


One Response to Douglas in Miami: All Cats Should Live In Freedom

  1. Kraft Foods says:

    ¡Douglas para el presidente! ¡Más melcochas para Douglas!

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